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looking out for you. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome tonight two of our conservative victory tour. tonight we in salt lake city utah. over the next several weeks we will be traveling coast-to-coast, talking about the principles that are going to help the conservative movement take this country back in november. my new book just released yesterday called: "conservative victory, defeating obama's radical agenda." a road map for how conservatives can get america on the right track. we've seen our constitution trampled in recent weeks with the passage of the health care bill. on this tour we are going to be standing with average americans like who are here
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tonight that say enough is enough. democrats are coming clean telling us why they pushed for their health care overhaul it wasn't about extending coverage it was about a dramatic redistribution of wealth theme here inv2lqñ ameri. >> the question is, in a democracy, where does the right balance between those at the top, 20% of the people do most of the consumer spending and so forth and those at the bottom? when it gets out of whack as it did in the 20s and it has now you need to do some redistribution. this is a form of redistribution. >> everyone is entitled to adequate health care. if you call that redistribution of income. i call it being fair. >> sean: just being fair. looks like the truth is coming out here with reaction to that and much more, a warm utah welcome ladies and gentlemen, senator orrin hatch. good to see you. [ applause ] >> sean: pretty popular in the
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state senator. [ applause ] >> sean: let me ask you, the senator is here and you're voice is a little bit >> i have laryngitis. >> sean: don't worry i'll fill in the gaps. it won't be that hard. you are in washington. you've been there a lot of years. you worked out a lot of dees. you tried reach across the aisle. you tried to work with ted kennedy. have you ever seen it this bad? >> i've never seen it this bad nor have i seen a group so arrogant that we have in washington now. absolutely arrogant. they are europeanizing america against our will taking over banks, car companies, a number of other entities in our society and federalizing everything. it is really starting to worry me plus, they are spending us into bankruptcy. actually, you know when obama took over, we were 6.2 -- 6.3
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trillion dollars in national debt. that came up to $56,000 per family. it is now 8.3 -- 8.2 trillion dollars in debt that comes up to about $76,000 per family. by 2020 according to obama's budget we'll be 23 trillion in debt $170,000 per family. >> sean: how does america ever recover from that? interesting things, al sharpton said this is socialism. we just heard howard dean. joe biden is saying if you want to call it redistribution, i call it being fair. it sounds like that -- is it marxism to each according to his needs some each according to his ability? is there a label, collectiveism, statism, socialism, do labels matter? what adjectives do you use? >> i like to call it the
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europeanization of america. it is worse than that they are spending this country blind. when they start recognizing that terrorists have the same rights as american citizens it makes you wonder. when they come up with special -- like the new gonna be tough guy on the national labor relations board, craig becker, going to reappoint him even though republicans said don't do it because in man believes he can put car check into law even though it would -- rather than having to go to the regular american process. you can go right on down the line almost everything they are doing is a matter of real concern. >> sean: what are you to make of the president? you've met with the president? you knew him in the senate. >> i like him. >> sean: you like him personally. is this who he is?
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is he -- look i write in my book, i don't want to put words in your mouth. i think he's the most radical president in american history in that sense we have never seen such radicalism. he seems like this really rigid, rigid, ideologue that he won't listen to the american people. literally, if it means that we say congressmen and senators voted on a bill they never vote on we'll deem it passed. we'll senators. is this all about ideology for him? >> he's certainly the most liberal president we've ever had. sorry about this voice. i might add -- >> sean: he's doing great, right? [ applause ] sean we are going to encourage you senator. [ applause ] >> i believe that he's gone all the time from the white house. the people around him are all academics or bureaucrats. there's hardly anybody who has created a job around him. that's what we are putting up
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with. i might add he talks centrist and everything they do is left. i believe they are running this country right into the ground. >> sean: that's a powerful statement for a united states senator. by the way, you are not known as a fire brand. are known as a gentile person, somebody that reaches across the aisle. you were friends with ted kennedy that is a very powerful statement coming from you to say that when they now took over 1/6 of the economy if the republicans take back the house and senate, can they defund obama care? is nat next step, before the 2012 -- is that the next step before the 2012 elections? >> they claim they are going to provide health care for 32 million americans. 16 million of those are going to be pushed into medicaid. they are pushing more and more people into medicare and medicare. that's what i call the europeanization of america. there's a method to their madness.
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the bottom 50% of this country pay 3% of our income taxes, bottom 40% don't pay anything. they claim that's a size 49% dependent on government. i believe they want to get 60%. >> sean: by the way barack obama did say the time for profits is not now. the time for profits later. i'm like, is this america? time for s is now senator. i want those people start businesses create jobs. >> redistribution money is there, it is not fair, they are taking from it those who work they are taking away opportunities. [ inaudible ] cbo office showed me a special economic chart. you and i and others maybe a little older, we had a chance of going straight up this chart, basically has these kids today they -- straight
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cross. they cannot get through. >> sean: senator you've been a trooper. ladies and gentlemen, senator orrin hatch. [ applause ] >> sean: president obama flip-flops on a campaign promise and now says he supports offshore drilling. will his plan go far enough? we have that and left wing protesters target karl rove on his book tour. michelle malkin is here and she will respond to this outrageous liberal hypocrisy. that's coming up, straight ahead. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we are in salt lake city utah on our conservative victory tour . on the east coast the anointed one made a big announcement today. >> the president: given our energy needs in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable homegrown energy. so today we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil ands go exploration. >> sean: that is not what the president the anointed one sounded like on the campaign trail.
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remember this? >> the president: what wouldn't do a thing, to lower gas prices john mccain's new proposal, proposal adopted by george bush as well, to open up florida's coastline to offshore drilling. >> we only have 3% of the word's oil supplies we use 25% of the word's oil. we can't drill out of the problem. >> sean: what caused the president so-called change of heart? joining me with analysis utah congressman and bob bishop, good to see you, thank you for being here. >> great to see you. >> sean: maybe this is the cynical side of me. i'm looking at a president that doesn't have problems kind of breaking his word. all of this is on c-span, broken promise, no lobbyists, no earmarks, i won't tack people above $250,000. none of these things came
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true. if you pay close attention he's saying expand exploration. how about just saying we will open drilling off the coast of florida in the gulf, off the coast of california we'll look for oil in utah, colorado, wyoming. he didn't sound specific enough. why do i think he's trying to create a depression? >> he ended up locking up more land than he ended up opening up. if you look at california for instance, you could create more jobs and get more oil immediately off the coast of california. you can't do anything now off the coast of california. the 14 billion barrels of oil on the outer continental shelf he locked up 13.1 billion. >> sean: i didn't hear anwar either. >> there's not even a tree to hug, we should be up there drilling. sean great line. [ applause ] >> for a full year his
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administration has been opposed to any kind of energy production, fossil fuel, alternative, any kind, wind, solar. at least he's saying that the problem is, we were ready to start drilling off the coast. his proposal is to change the plan so we don't start talking about it until 2012. this is an obama moratorium. i would love him to open up the land areas, especially here in utah, we have energy to help solve the problems of this nation. [ applause ] >> sean: let me ask the same question i asked senator hatch, you are in washington. the american people, you look at the numbers, they've never been more distrustful of government. we've never seen such activism as we are seeing with the tea party movement, town halls, politicians confronted. have you ever seen it this bad? if so, tell me when? if not, why do you think it is bad? >> i love people are getting up and doing something.
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that's what this country was founded upon. we should applaud that instead they are mocked, called names. we need to applaud that kind of action. >> the level of anger and anticipation and anxiety has never been higher. i've heard that from people talking all last year. i hope they remember that feeling from now through to november and don't forget that. >> sean: i think that's a key point. what do you think it is? we've chronicled the bribery, corruption, backroom deals, shifting of rules, constitution. we've gone over this in fine detail. i think the american people get it. the latest rasmussen poll shows the american people think the tea party movement knows more about the health care bill than members of congress and probably more people have read it. >> they did. >> sean: pretty interesting. is the democratic party lost any moderate wing they might have had?
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>> the arrogance they drove forward, plowed through people, they weren't listening to the american people and they are passing massive legislation with not even one republican onboard. it is an an arrogance that pervasive. >> it is not all rank and file democrats. i is the democratic leadership in congress. >> sean: the blue dog lap dog, i call it, whatever nancy pelosi says she wants they are going to follow in suit. they are not that moderate. >> the key is changing the leadership of congress. that has to happen. >> sean: how difficult a task is that? i watch my kids' tennis matches and all their friends. and the kids are up 6-0, 5-1, second set, best out of three sets. the other guy comes back and wins. a lot of people are confident now, can republicans lose in november inspeed of the -- inspite of the -- in spite of the fact they will be successful? >> job number one, fire
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nancy pelosi with >> i'm with you. >> sean: job number two, fire reid and job number three, make obama a one-term president. >> there you go. >> you got to do it district by district. people need to stay involved in the fight. talk to neighbors, friends, get on facebook. all these things go in our favor. if you do it issue by issue, principle by principle we win big. >> sean: that's the interesting part. there's a poll that came out today. i think is interesting. this is a gallup poll. it shows the american people think by a 10 point margin that obama care will hurt the overall -- i'm sorry will hurt the economy by 10 points. hurt the overall quality of health care 55-29 and it will increase the federal deficit 61-23. we won the debate, but they ended up cheating and getting the votes. >> for now. >> sean: for you now. >> none of this goes into
12:18 am
effect for another four, five years. the taxes start now, the benefits don't. if we get one house of congress in control we can postpone this so we can repeal and start over and replace it with something that gives americans options and choices [ inaudible ] [ applause ] >> sean: good to see you. thank you. coming up nearly a third of u.s.a. challenging the constitutionality of the democrats health care bill. the state of utah is in that fight. coming up next, man behind that effort. michelle malkin live right here in utah, straight ahead. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa.
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country looking at the commerce laws others looking at other constitutional
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issues. what specifically are you planning on doing? >> we are in litigation. we have our first scheduling conference set for the 14th of april that has two things. number one, individual mandate absolutely unconstitutional. number two medicaid expansion, violate of 10th amendment, 9th amendment. in utah we are unique. we already our legislature decided they needed to do something on the state level, local level with regard to this issue. when created an exchange only massachusetts and utah have exchanges. you have federally elected officials telling state officials what they have to do. >> sean: violation of the -- >> 10th amendment separation of powers. you can't have a federal government telling their local officials what they can and cannot do. when it comes to insurance, always been left to the states that is why it is not a commerce laws. >> sean: you disagree with your fellow attorneys generals from around the country and
12:24 am
their argument about the commerce clause or do you buy that argument? >> no, we are part of that too. the government has never in the history, ever mandated an individual -- people say what about auto insurance? no. >> sean: explain the commerce clause as it relates to mandates so people who are not attorneys can understand. >> the federal government can only have so much power. >> sean: you are laughing but -- i grant you a lot -- i think a lot of people don't understand it. some people believe it or not. highest opinion -- they don't have the highest opinions of attorneys. there are a lot of good attorneys out there. i'm teasing. >> it is good. what i'm hearing on all the national media, except for one in particular, is that the experts, the ivory tower electric walls are saying we don't have a chance. -- intellectuals are saying we don't have a chance. we understand the states' rights and commerce clause. number one, everybody should
12:25 am
know this the federal government only has so much power the constitution says they . >> sean: let's go to part two of our argument, which is about medicare expansion. by the way, it is interesting on the one hand they are cutting medicare by 500 billion dollars which is a
12:26 am
significant amount. i argue because they wanna create a big funnel effect. slowly but surely they are going to drag everybody down into the government exchange and push out all private insurance companies. as a matter of fact, joe biden even used the term, we will control the insurance companies. explain how the medicare expansion angle from a legal point of view. >> as you know, all states are struggling with budgets now. mandate 130% below the poverty level is going to make the state of utah pay additional 100 million dollars a year, we are already in a deficit situation. the federal government is telling us not only is our plan not good enough nor them, which is a good plan, streamlined. they are telling us how we have to do things. that's upside down from the constitution and the founders meant. >> sean: you're challenging those that are saying this can't be won in the core. i don't have a lot of confidence in the courts. we have appointed or elected judges unelected in many cases,
12:27 am
judicial activists, they don't respect the constitution. they want to legislate from the bench. we've seen this time in and time out. it depends what court, what judge, what place, what venue it gets taken to. you got to admit that's a problem. >> it is. any time you go to federal court and ask them to limit federal power you know it is an uphill battle. we are pleased with the northern district of florida. we have a judge, reagan appointee, he's -- not that, that matters in his decision-making but he understands federalism. >> sean: he separation of powers, you can't legislate from the bench. >> that's right. we've seen in this court with gun control that our supreme court now that's where it will be decided, they are looking out for the interest of states and individual rights and freedoms this is an attack on individual freedom many these governors out there, democratic governors playing
12:28 am
politics telling their attorneys general, mike washington, michigan, governors are telling them you can't do this. they can. anybody has a responsibility, legal rights of utah citizens the legal rights it is the attorney general. >> sean: if you are not successful and i appreciate your efforts, because i think this should be challenged. you are right on the issues, her brits -- merits, constitutional arguments. if you fail hannity is setting up the backup plan which is fire them and throw them out of officers. >> thank you. >> sean: what happens when you dare to disagree with the left? when we come back, michelle malkin has shocking details on how democrats like henry waxman are trying to silence you demonize you and besmirch your character. that is coming up, straight ahead from utah tonight.
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[ applause ] >> sean: what a great crowd. welcome back to salt lake city. we are on our conservative victory tour as we continue tonight. democratic leaders bully party members into voting for the health care bill. the strong-arming didn't stop there. now the democrats are going after any company that dares to speak out against this
12:32 am
bill. california congressman waxman is ordering the ceos of companies like at&t, caterpillar and verizon, to testify before the house and produce documents proving the statements they made about what the bill will cost their companies are in fact true. as the costs of this bill begin to sink in waxman may come face-to-face with every ceo in america. the left is complaining it is conservatives who lack manners. those of us remember, it was their behavior during the bush era those attacks now ring hollow. it does turn out that we don't have to look back very far. here's what happened on monday to former bush adviser our friend karl rove, when he hit beverly hills to talk about his new book. >> look what you did, you outed a cia officer, lied to take us to war. you are going to rot in hell. >> this guess to show the
12:33 am
totalitarianism of the left. they don't believe in dialogue. they don't believe in courtesy. they don't believe in first amendment rights for anybody but themselves. if you want to keep interrupting me you can get the heck out of here. you can get the heck out of here. >> sean: good for karl rove. joining me reaction to all of this is the author of the "new york times" number one best seller, michelle malkin is here. >> congratulations on conservative victory sean! >> sean: thank you. i think that's the answer right now. i think we've got to fire these guys, get rid of them. start anew follow the reagan model. that in a second. you see what is happening with karl rove. you see the politicians elected officials, i've never seen them turn on the american people. and call them unamerican. tim mcveigh wannabes, nazis,
12:34 am
try to silence, intimidate this thing with karl rove, obviously orchestrated. what do you think about the hostility of the left? >> it is the sack money, the him pop -- it is the santimony any, the hypocrisy of the left all of a sudden offended of any utterance of conservative that is above 25 decibels. inciting to violence for stating conservative principles. what happened to karl rove, we've seen happen time and time again. >> sean: this happened to you. >> and to you. what disturbed me the most about the video was the lack of security around karl rove. he handed himself great. we've learned to be prepared for these kind of things to gird our loins we have to be protected every time we go on conservative campuses like michael moore and cindy sheehan. >> sean: that is true. did a debate against rocky anderson the former mayor of salt lake city.
12:35 am
[ booing ] >> sean: i will say modestly, cleaned his clock. every liberal in the audience was shouting, interrupting. this happens to any conservative who goes on a college campus. ann coulter can't even speak in canada for crying out loud. >> this has become the norm. for these democrats after they rammed through this massive government health care take over to claim there's some sort of unprecedented crime wave against them, while eric cantor had this lunatic who leveled death threats at him on youtube. and an obama donor twice over a complete loon we have become so almost -- >> sean: complete loon because of the threat or -- [ inaudible ] >> but you know, the book i wrote was called unhinged. talks about bush assassination,
12:36 am
death threats leveled against conservative public figures. we talked about this many times, conservative women who have gotten the shorten of the stick so many times. >> sean: you have been called horrible things by news networks. we've done segments on the horrible things said about you and other conservative women. i'm going to be with governor palin and michelle bachmann, one week from today. we are going to be in minneapolis as part of our tour. is there anything else you can say about the conservative women and the attacks? why do you that i is? >> the left feels whether it is racial minorities or women, that if we stray from their liberal orthodoxy somehow we are traitors to our race, to our gender. there's nothing worse they can tolerate, and they've shown their intolerance so many times than somebody who has called them out on how they
12:37 am
have sold out women and minors. >> sean: have you ever seen it this bad? >> not in my lifetime. at the same time i think it is unprecedented the amount of passion the amount of push-back. the grass roots movement, people are pushing back. to bring in around to waxman at witch-hunt and the inquisition that he is planning against businesses, business owners and executives on april 21st. i think it is time for a sparcus-type revolt, every -- spartacus-type revolt, expose the cost of the health care bill! >> sean: if any company ever ran their business like washington, pelosi, reid, obama, wait a minute, if they stole the way they steal from our kids and grandkids if they ran up record deficits, used phony accounting tactics if
12:38 am
they bankrupted social security that was supposed to be in a lock box, wouldn't they be put in jail? >> black and white stripes for sure. >> sean: how confident are you that conservatism is on the an -- assent it will result in victory in november? i have this -- i don't want to get too arrogant, overly confident or optimistic. any one event can change an election on a dime we've seen this happen. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. books like yours and your message is going to help us get there. the fact is unfortunately, the conservative movement has not only had to fight progressives, but progressives within our own party! who are undermining national security. who are undermining free market capitalism. unfortunately, you have to look at people like john mccain and i've talked about
12:39 am
mccain regression syndrome, and you have to talk about those republicans in the republican party who have stood along side the democrats, sending us down the toilet. supporting tarp like bob bennett did in the senate. look at the tea party movement they are offering a real conservative alternative. >> sean: michelle always great to have you. i'm glad you could join us in utah. when we come back, you ing to love this next segment. his radical sermons dominated the 2008 presidential campaign. next, you are going to meet the man that discovered the 9thed one's president barack obama's close connection, the first person to break this story, with jeremiah wright that is next here in salt lake city utah. glad you are with us. [ applause ] ♪ at the end of the day in sitka, alaska, everyone awaits the return of the fishing boats. ♪ their safe arrival is highly anticipated,
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[ applause ] >> sean: welcome back to the pegs edition of hannity. we are live from salt lake city in utah. this is the latest stop on our conservative victory tour. yesterday my brand new book, conservative victory defeating barack obama radical agenda hit bookstores. you can get it on any next guest was the first person to expose then senator obama's connections to one of his radical associates reverend jeremiah wright. he is columnist eric rush.
12:43 am
good to see you, thank you for being with us. [ applause ] >> sean: i want to show everybody. for those of you that have a copy of the book page 17, chapter 1, the first chapter in this book, i break it into three parts. obama's radical past. his new radical an points, anita dunn, mao is her favorite, and all these lunatics. i talk about his radicalism and his socialism then his appeasement. that's part one of the book. you started out. you made me wear of jeremiah wright. walk us through what that should have told america about this president. >> wow. what it should have told america was that our per expect -- pro expect tpreufdz -- our prospective president, our candidate had been sitting in a marxist church learning
12:44 am
black -- it is sort of what christians would call abomination. absolutely. >> sean: a lot of people say, you right wingers are throwing these terps around. black -- throwing these terms around. black liberation theology is built into social justice. >> sort of mutateing the church, the black church culture and experience into something that was dedicatedly marxist. something holy other than what it was supposed to be. like you said we throw these terms around. what a lot of people particularly, if they are younger don't know is that, all of these people who were raised on marxist or studied for years and years, they don't believe in the same things that most americans
12:45 am
hold dear. like the bill of rights and inalienable rights and private property. that's why i really think that it is great that you went into that right out of the gate in the book and you know, are beating that drum. because those are the things that people really need to hear. >> sean: i took a lot of heat, a lot of heat for this i interviewed you one night in march. i have the whole story in the book. the next night i invited on barack obama's pastor. as a matter of fact it was the last interview he did before the election. this was in march of 2007. i'm sure at that point he said stay off of television, we don't want this story getting out. then the tapes came out, almost a year later in march of 2008. it took a year for the media to catch up, little sean hannity and eric rush was getting beaten up. do you think american's chickens have come home to
12:46 am
roast? when you look at black liberation theology, which i put in this book, do you think it was everything we needed to know about who barack obama would be as president? are we now seeing -- did we have a glimpse into the person, the soul, are we seeing it through his policies? >> absolutely. we are seeing that sort of social justice agenda, we are seeing marxism, you know, it is really -- i think that all of his -- at least domestic policies, stated aims of those, are just pretextal, everything he is doing is going back to that social justice agenda. tearing down the economy so that government will really have to step in and fix it that sound familiar to anybody? >> sean: joe biden's comments today. redistributing , --
12:47 am
redistributing wealth time for profits later. michelle obama, america is a downright mean country for the first time in my life i'm proud of my country. all these things were said. did that maybe explain, maybe i'm asking you to interpret this you were the first to break in story and took a lot of heat for it? >> yes, still am. >> sean: tell me about the heat? >> well, i mean the correspondence and so forth it is like i'm a slime. how can you get on tv with that horrible hannity guy. those tea partiers, why are you supporting those tea partiers they would just an soon lynch you as look at you. i went to tea parties and nobody, you know, nobody tried to lynch me or anything. i had a great time, met some great people. and you know the e-mails come in. most of them are pretty foul,
12:48 am
vile, disgusting. >> sean: does this explain why he's pushing so hard, even against the will of the american people? is this why he doesn't see -- look for all of clinton's faults, when america rejected his sharp, you know turn to the left, he moved back to the center. barack obama shows no inclination to do that do you think we'll ever see that? would he rather just drive his agenda whatever the political cost? >> i absolutely do. i think what he is doing is the culmination of what a lot of 60s radicals have been doing for decades. he's going to live and die by what happens over the next year, couple of years. he's gonna push it through. it is an imperative. >> i think he is the antithesis of ronald reagan on economic policy, foreign
12:49 am
policy he's the direct opposite in my mind. reagan created 21 million new jobs. reagan ended the cold war. if he's the opposite of reagan we going to get the opposite results. we are not going to have peace, prosperity, opportunity, shining city on the hill we are not going to be viewed as the world's sole super power. what happens from here? what do you see throughout his presidency? do you think the country is going to buy into and be convinced by his ideology? i see america rejecting him. >> i think americans will continue to reject him. like michelle malkin said, i'm guardedly optimistic. maybe a little bit more than that. i think that more and more people are starting to wake up. this administration on an almost daily basis, underscores the fact that you and i were right back in '07 and '08.
12:50 am
and i think we are going to have a turn around this fall and we a great chance. [ applause ] >> sean: i think between that bill ayers, i never thought that america would ignore it. i think america fell for the teleprompter speeches, fell into obamamania. we'll see if it stays. eric good to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: is the conservative candidate in the great state of idaho voters need to know about he joins me coming up after the break as we continue live hannity from salt lake city. [ allows ] a a a ttle more time s
12:51 am
worth spending more time on? then you belong at bass pro shops. stop by for a free picture with the easter bunny and check out the kids free crafts and easter egg hunt this weekend. details at
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[ applause ] >> sean: our conservative victory tour continues here in salt lake city tonight. as november approaches we will be highlighting conservative candidates who have the ability to reverse the course of events in washington, d.c.. my next guest is one. a marine who serveed in liberia, cuban, japan, cia officer in the mideast and washington, d.c.. joining me is idaho congressional candidate vaughn ward. how are you? >> good to see you. [ applause ] >> thank you salt lake. >> sean: you havei;g÷ entered te marine corp in 1995. you served all of those countries that i mentioned. you volunteered to do a mission in fallujah? >> i did. i returned back to active duty in 2006 and led marines into
12:55 am
fallujah and we went through a rough combat tour was very proud to serve. i've seen the ultimate sacrifice watching these young men proud of these young men laying down their lives and risk everything. >> sean: i agree. getting a standing ovation here. >> thank you. >> sean: we were told at the time that the war is lost and the surge has failed. when you were hearing those words from harry reid -- look it is funny president bush couldn't win for lose you go. they said he was too stubborn he won't listen to other people. announces the surge, criticized the war is lost the surge failed. what was it like for you being there, battling fighting, leading the effort, to hear politicians in washington dismissing the hard work you're involved in? >> we read some of that and heard about it. we say we don't think we're losing, we are doing pretty good. they must be talking about somewhere else. we felt good about what was going on over there. we through the tide was changes and things were
12:56 am
starting to schiff. 2006 was a rough year, 2007 was harder. there was a change 0 suring and the politicians harry reid, barack obama, hillary clinton, nobody they were not listening. the on scene commanders were saying we are doing a good job. >> sean: reason is they politicized the war. >> they did and it was frustrating. >> reporter: a caller said hannity the president flew to iraq over the weekend you can't find one nice thing to say about barack obama, blah, blah. wait a minute isn't that the same barack obama who accused the troops in afghanistan of air raiding villages and killing civilians? >> and who changed the rules of engagement so we can't do 4nma#uájjdñare supposed> sean: we to warn people, in two weeks tuesday at 2:00 we are going to be searching your home. smart? >> it doesn't work out well with the insurgents, they get
12:57 am
it. >> sean: watched this, serving your country part of a successful military effort. you ing -- you are really going to battle heing to sin city d.c., are you out of your mind? >> it is morally bankrupt, corrupt, they are out of touch this is what idaho is talking about. idaho wants to lead the reclaiming congress. we can do that we have an 18 point advantage if there's a chance of turning the tide against nancy pelosi it starts in idaho one and that's what we are going to do. >> sean: it is going to start in every district around the country. >> it is going to be that sue nay started in massachusetts. >> sean: don't forget virginia and new jersey. who would have thought a new jersey governor thrown out, massive margins. states like california, new york, new jersey are bankrupt. america is now risking its aaa rating. >> in idaho we have a
12:58 am
constitutional provision that says you must balance your budget. we do it at home in our small businesses. why aren't we balancing the budget in congress? >> sean: isn't that the common sense is missing in america? very simple stuff. if anyone here in salt lake city, if they hit tough economic times and i had some tough economic times in my life, i really have. i was painting my landlord's barn to survive and cutting his lawn and doing anything i could so i know what it is like to struggle to pay rent this happened for many years in my life. anybody here if they ran into financial trouble, you tighten your belt, cut back on spending, probably find another source of income short of taxing your neighbor and stealing from what they are making. >> you are talking personal responsibility and self-reliance for me that is what the american dream is about. get the government out of our way. keep the government at bay don't let them get involved. we'll take care of ourselves through our churches, our
12:59 am
families. >> sean: we want to wish all the best. we will be highlighting a lot of conservatives like yourself. >> thank you. >> sean: thank you for joining news salt lake city we love being out here. before i go tonight we would like to give a special thanks to border's books here in salt lake city. don't forget, hannity tour conservative victory defeating obama's radical agenda tour one week from today we touchdown in minneapolis. governor palin will be there, michelle bachmann, tim pawlenty. then to michigan, new orleans, and then we are going to finish things off at the villages in florida in atlanta april 15th. cincinnati, ohio for a big tea party rally. border's any bookstore that you can, this book and it is $8. ned proceeds go to charity. it is called conservative victory defeating obama's radical agent did on my website

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